Available Beers and Bevies

  • Beers On Tap
    YES Baxter Octoberfest 5.5%
    YES Modest Man -Operation Doomsday IPA 7%
    YES Berkshire Brew. Coffeehouse Porter 6.2%
    YES Last Chair -Lookout Red Ale 7%
    YES Lawson Hazy Rays IPA 5.3%
    YES Great North Brewing - Tie Dyed Pale Ale 5.4%
    YES Woodstock - Lost River Lite 4.3%
    YES Pipe Dream -Friggin Dark Lager  6.2%

Canned Beer
YES Stoneface -Half Clip Session IPA 4.5%
YES Lawson’s - Sip of Sunshine IPA 8.0%
YES Drowned Lands Pale Ale 4.6%
YES  White Claw - Black Cherry  5%
YES Sierra Nevada - Hazy Little Thing  6.7%
YES Baxter Tropical Sour  5.3%
YES Pipe Dream Peach Bum Sour 5%
YES Elovaters Tangerine Seltzer 4%
YES Stoneface -Raspberry Sour  3.7%
YES Pipe Dream Straight Trippin TIPA 10.5%
YES Buena Gave Ranch Water  5%

Buena Gave Cantarito Spritz

YES Moat Mt. Miss V’s Blueberry Ale 4.8%


Downeast Unfiltered Blackberry Cider 

YES Great Rhythm -Squeeze IPA 5.7%
YES High Noon Peach/Watermelon 5%

Corona Extra 

YES Guiness 4.2%
YES Bud Light  4.2%
YES Great Rhythm - Tropical Haze IPA 6.8%
YES Baxter Lagerita  (Lime Lager) 5%
YES Sam Adams Wicked Hazy IPA 6.8%
YES KIT American Blonde Non-alcoholic IPA 0%
YES  Artifact - Feels like Home Cider 5%

Other Bevies
YES Kim Crawford - Sauvignon Blanc
YES Dreaming Tree - Crush (red blend)